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Ivan L. Zenzen

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Creative, articulate and self-motivated professional, in regular exchange between the multiple scenarios of agronomy and scientific-technological experimentation.
Agronomist, plant physiologist and geneticist. I have been working for 10 years in research within agricultural and environmental fields, with emphasis on plant mineral nutrition and homeostasis, especially in the elaboration of sustainable strategies involving nitrogen metabolism and symbiotic interactions between microorganisms and plants of agronomic interest.
Also, I have two years of complementary experience in the corporate field, particularly in the execution of marketing activities and product stewardship, as well as agronomic consultancy. Additionally to this, I have two years of teaching experience in agronomy and related areas (technical courses and college).
The combination of the performed activities have provided relevant personal and professional development, allowing a systemic consideration of agriculture in terms of market demands and it's still unexplored potential. Moreover, it was crucial in furthering my transferable skill set and improving it in this exciting sector.
As a career goal, my aspiration is a challenging role, which allows me to improve my knowledge and skills, as well as a gradual increase of responsibility in an innovative and collaborative environment.
Soybean trial sowing - Parana, Brazil Field team in soybean sowing - Parana, Brazil Machinery inspection before the start of activities - Parana, Brazil Soybean trial harvest - Mato Grosso, Brazil Marketing and product stewardship presentation - Parana, Brazil Marketing activities and product check - Parana, Brazil Technical presentation at COODETEC experimental station - Parana, Brazil Marketing activities and product check - Parana, Brazil Practice class of forage plants - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Gas exchange measurements in a arsenic phytoremediation experiment - Minas Gerais, Brazil Cadmium uptake and tolerance in tomato mutant plants - Minas Gerais, Brazil Gametophyte of Pteris vittata growing in presence of arsenic - Minas Gerais, Brazil Plant tissue culture in a experiment with Brassica juncea - Minas Gerais, Brazil Plant-microbe interaction experiment between soybean and Bradyrhizobium - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Symbiosis experiment between soybean and Bradyrhizobium under stress - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Endemic plant root nodulation with Frankia - California, USA