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Ivan L. Zenzen

Curiosity - Knowledge - Creativity - Proactivity - Integrity.

I truly believe that, the combination of these elements is one of the major drivers of transformation.

In a progressively dynamic environment, where knowledge generates knowledge, interconnectivity and interdisciplinarity increase at extraordinary proportions. Technological innovations demand new skills; processes are appreciated, revised, and constantly updated, bringing new, and even more sophisticated cycles.

I have experienced many benefits of adopting new technologies in agriculture; I believe in a real restructuring of the sector in the near future, with the incorporation of new concepts and products, in particular the agriculure digitization and a massive adoption of new biotechnological traits.

My professional interests largely reflect the skills I seek to qualify myself, recently, extending to incorporation of digital technologies. More precisely, the phenotyping of contrasting plant germplasm regarding to mineral metabolism, and nutrient acquisition strategies via associations with beneficial microorganisms. I can see a tremendous potential for the application of remote sensing and the "Internet of Things" technologies in this segment of agriculture, with considerable returns in the economic and socio-environmental spheres, for all stakeholders involved.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about my vision regarding the agri- world, or check some related technical content, feel free to visit the website smartfarmclub, whose link is also available along with other social media.


A good reading provides me a great satisfaction. At home in the couch, on the train, in the park, in a cafe on the corner...

The important thing is to have always at hand a good literary work. It's a fact that I spend a lot of my free time this way, reading!

The content is as diverse as you can imagine: technical readings from the agri- area, biotech, information technology... economics, politics, psychology, marketing, management... Even though, I still enjoy good novels and some fiction.

A recent (but still incomplete) listing of what I have been reading can be found on the platform GoRead.


In the same proportion to appreciation and diversity of reading, music is present in my life.

To celebrate and relax ... to remember, and to forget!

No preference for genres: I enjoy everything! Each one sharpens my senses and brings even more intensity to the moments - always conveniently "tuned" to each occasion, of course.

A little bit of what I hear most often, can be found at my playlists on Spotify.


Connecting myself to nature is the way I find to reconcile myself, to get some peace.

Despite spending the last few years in cities (given the availability of the resources I seek regarding to my training), whenever I can, I find a green refuge to breathe some fresh air.

On weekends, I enjoy a long jogging, to uncover new trails, and especially, enjoy the infinity of these paths.

Daily, I put myself on activities that are more easily available: gym and short walks - just to get rid from the "rust".


If there is something that "flatter" me in the great urban centers, it is certainly the cultural diversity, both in terms of artistic expression and people. Theaters, concerts, exhibitions ... whenever possible I include some of these activities in my agenda.

Yet, as pleasing as that, is the possibility of establishing new connections - each person is a world apart, with an incredible story to share.

As a rule, I have preference for social environments and I am always open to a good conversation (better still if it is with a "chimarrão").

Also, I appreciate travel, a lot! New places, new landscapes, new tones, aromas and flavors, they all fascinate me. Additionally, new cultures captivate me, they are unique experiences that add immeasurable values, and for sure make me grow as a human being and as a professional.


I project a simple and balanced life, that allows me to enjoy the complexity of the simplest moments, to appreciate the heterogeneity of the relationships and to contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment, at all scales.